Innovation Matters

We produce solutions for famous brands with a pioneering and innovative approach in outerwear and fabric production. Our job is to produce! We touch lives with the fabrics we produce, acting with the principles of environment, energy and social responsibility, with a sustainable approach in line with technology, quality and fashion.

We are developing by producing.

A lot has changed here since 1993, when we threw the first knot as Yaka Tekstil.
Our production area has expanded, our production capacity has increased.
New facilities have been added to our factory site.
Our product range has been constantly renewed.
Today, we experience the happiness of touching lives with the excitement of producing 1.000 tons of dyed fabric per month and 5 million product annually in a closed area of ​​34.000m² with our more than 750 employees. Our increasing numbers have taken us further every year.
As Yaka Tekstil, we continue to develop and work for the better every day.

Our R&D Approach

We work with the experience of our deep-rooted past and the excitement of the first day.
Our strength is from our world-class industrial infrastructure equipped with the latest technology; we get our innovative ideas from our R&D studies. We produce new generation products every day. We derive our happiness from the excitement created by knowing that every piece of fabric we produce will touch all the moments of life.