Our Policy

We set the standards with small and sure steps.


*Following technological developments with professional teamwork,
*Not to harm the environmental balance in all our activities,
* To ensure that wastes are minimized at their source, reused and recycled whenever possible, and wastes that are not evaluated are disposed of with appropriate methods,
*Ensuring efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
* To provide all kinds of protection necessary to prevent negative effects that may harm the environment, to control accidents and dangers at the very beginning,
* To monitor the dangers related to the environment and energy dimensions sensitively, to make the necessary effort to minimize them,
* To be a sought-after and preferred organization with our high quality standards,
* To meet and constantly review the national and international environmental and energy legal and other requirements that we are subject to in our processes
* To complete the projects we have undertaken before the time,

* Pioneering new developments,
* To value our employees, to be sharing and participatory,
* Being open to criticism, researcher and follower
* Include a commitment to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing goals and objectives and to ensure the availability of information and resources to achieve them
* To establish effective communication with all stakeholders in order to create common values ​​and beneficial results on issues related to Energy Environment and Quality Management,
* To increase energy performance values ​​including energy efficiency and density in all processes,
* To ensure the efficient use of natural resources and energy, to increase the share of renewable energy resources in energy use, to ensure continuity in quality,
* To continuously improve and document our Integrated (Quality, Environment and Energy) Management System, to update it by announcing it to all units,
* To contribute to raising the awareness of our suppliers, sub-employers, visitors and the local community, as well as the training of all our employees on the sensitivity of the integrated management system,
* To continue our work in line with mutual benefits in cooperation with our stakeholders, suppliers, subcontractors and all our employees,