Take a step for nature!

We carry out activities to reduce emissions in our production with the concept of green production. We see environmental protection as a responsibility towards future generations, and we carry out our activities in this direction.

We organize planting trees activities for a cleaner air on our journey that we started with the slogan of take a step for nature.

We set reduction targets by comparing our water and energy use with analyzers.

Green Deal Compliance

Within the scope of compliance with the Green Agreement; We act with the concept of zero carbon, zero waste for nature. By minimizing our water use, we take our clean production targets to a higher level every day.

Before the last fish dies, before the last tree dries up, take a step!

We produce recycled products and take steps to minimize environmental pollution.We produce fabrics with high added value without harming the ecosystem.

From Organic Agriculture to Organic Textiles...

In the journey from soil to sprout, from sprout to yarn, from yarn to fabric, we encourage using organic fibers to prevent soil and water pollution.