Our Facilities

We're touching lives!
We are happy to bring our products to you with the phenomenon of sustainable production and our giant working army.

First knot First Touch to Lives

In 1993, we had the happiness of touching lives by throwing the first stitch with our knitting facility.
We have enlarged our production and machinery park day by day. We have been producing with the same enthusiasm from the first day to the present with an innovative approach in a 11.000m² closed area.

We Add Color to the Lives We Touch...

In our dyeing facility, which was opened in 2002, we add color to 1.000 tons of fabric per month with the help of state-of-the-art equipment and automation systems.
We test the products we produce in our accredited laboratories and experience the happiness of producing technical textile products with a sustainable approach.

Meeting You Is Our Greatest Happiness

We took the last step of development and growth by producing with the apparel facilities we founded in 2021. We continue our journey, which we started with a monthly production of 160.000 products at the first stage, growing more and more every day. We carry out all our activities by incorporating sustainability into our organizational and operational processes with our expert staff in the field of ready-to-wear. We become a solution partner to respected brands with the products we produce and we are happy to meet you.